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 Welome to our home page!

 Private limited company EHITUSKOMPAKT OÜ is a company operating based  on private capital. The company was founded in 1991. The field of activity is construction work. In cooperation with architectural company ÖSELPLAN we offer constructions from preliminary design to keys in ESTONIA.

In the construction market we have offered log houses (handmade log) during the last ten years. Our log comes from Saaremaa. The log of Saaremaa is conical and has an interesting structure, which can very well be seen just in our production, as we bark the logs with powerwash. The powerwash preserves the natural outer surface of the logs and covers it with a layer of resin, which for some time protects the logs from weather conditions. Since the spring of 2008, we offer pre-dried sawed  log (baulk). The dried log is definitely longer lasting. The work or our master-workers can also be seen in Norway, Sweden and France. The architectural solutions of the export orders usually come from the customer. We offer the detailed drawings and making the house box in Estonia, and if wished, also erection of the house box at the customer's building site.

Our experience of thatched roofs dates from 1991 when we started building thatched roofs in Skone, south of Sweden. The thatched roof is one of the oldest types of roofs in Estonia, its also well known in South-Sweden, Denmark, England, Ireland, Germany, and generally in the areas where it was possible to get reed. The heat conduction of reed is the same as insulating wool, and thus a very good covering material for buildings. In the upper part of the building it keeps off differences in temperature and consequently diminishes thermo expansion and shrinking, and also formation of condense water. As to the price, the thatched roof can also be considered on of the cheapest – in case you build the attic storey as well. The ceiling/roof with thatched roof does not need any special thermal insulation, there is no need for wind screens as well. But ventilation tubes should not be built under a thatched roof as in case of a fire an additional wind and fire corridor may form there. In those corridors extinguishing the fire is very difficult. In case those ventilation spaces are there, they should be partly filled with  bulk wool. Inflammability is the only shortcoming of thatched roofs. But real master-workers can build you also a fire resistant roof.

We build wood roofs, incl. roofs with a little board with a wedge-like ends, we also make pottery. For gardening we offer clean natural pine-bark mulch and for heating dried firewood.